Alpha Personalities; What Do They Need?

We’ve seen an unlimited number of same scenarios. An independent, successful, and financially stable man meets an independent, beautiful, and financially stable woman, the love blossoms and then at one point the man looks around and wonders “She doesn’t depend on me, she doesn’t need my money, she doesn’t need help solving her problems,.. Does she actually need me at all?”
She wasn’t sitting in a corner waiting for a prince charming to come over and save her. She could save herself. So how actually does an alpha man deal with the strength of an alpha woman?

Individuals with alpha personalities are fascinating people. They know how to achieve their dreams and how to get things done. But most importantly they know how much effort it took them to be at the place where they are now. They weren’t given any of that for free, they earned it. Such alpha individuals resemble of wild animals. People admire them, and people eventually want to tame them.
But it’s like with wild horses; once they experience pain and tears, they never come back to the same place. If a strong man tries to tame an independent and strong woman, he’ll lose her. Same applies to women in relation to taming men. Not only such try proves that the man (or woman) wasn’t strong in the first place, but it most importantly shows that he/she doesn’t know the real value of independence. Once an independent alpha gets hurt, they walk away without much of a drama. See, they think differently from “victims”, their cognitive processes are straightforward. Once they act, it’s simple with a concrete goal. That is why it’s impossible to get back together with such individual, they don’t need more pain in life than they already experienced.

Alpha folks don’t play games. They don’t see a purpose in it nor have time for it. Every ounce of their energy spent in an unnecessary way is simply useless.

Only two people completely independent can depend on each other in a healthy way by being a role-model for one another. They know the struggle, they are aware of the number of months and years it took them to build an empire they run; whether it’s an empire in a business way or a personal one.


So what does an alpha individual need in a relationship?

It’s not a rocket science. They need a partner. Not just a “girlfriend” – “boyfriend” relationship status, but a real partner.
Someone, they can look up to and take as a role model. Why? Because strong individuals inspire each other. They want to have an example of how to be better, how to reach higher, and how to thrive harder.

They need to be able to trust their partner unconditionally. Not just from time to time, unconditionally. They need to know that their back is covered no matter what and that they can turn to their loved one at any time. Sounds like too much work? Not really. It’s in alpha’s blood, they can’t give and expect in return anything less.

They need someone they can respect and who’ll respect them in return. Alpha people don’t play games and therefore they expect the same from their partner. They respect a clear and straightforward relationship without any extra fuzz around it, simple and beautiful.

They need space for their own dreams and projects. You’d love to control and supervise your partner’s activities? Feel a need to make your partner dependable on you? Ummm…why? Something like that simply doesn’t exist in their world. The space needed for self-realization brings satisfaction beyond comprehension and trying to take it away from an individual with alpha personality is like cutting butterfly’s wings off. They either run away from you or their soul dies.

They need someone who’ll stick around. Not just someone who’ll crash, burn and run off the first issue pops up. Fast food is on every corner. People with unstable tendencies are everywhere. If an individual with alpha personality invests their time and energy in you, they’d want you to be here for a long run. It’s the most important investment they can make in someone and if they sense it won’t pay back, they simply disappear.

They need someone strong enough to cat crap through ego games and ask for help when really needed. Ego is a vicious element mainly complicating even the simplest things. People with strong ego usually don’t have much inner confidence, otherwise, they would let that confidence gently but loudly speak their words. Ego is a screamer, confidence is solid rock. If you know how to ask for help and show your partner that there are times that you really need them or their help, you’ll gain much more than just “losing your image. You’ll gain a life partner you’d give their life for you.

~ iw


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