Soulmates – Why Articles About Soulmates Awake a Hope Filled with Frustration?

I've been thinking about writing this article for a long time. I needed to, however, react to incomplete information about soulmates being published in articles on the internet every day more and more often. Such articles have one thing in common; they leave their readers with hopes growing into...

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Proč při čtení různých článků o “spřízněné duši” pohltí duši naděje zabarvená nedočkavostí a frustrací?

Dlouho jsem uvažovala o tom, jestli tento článek napsat. Každým dnem ale články s tímto tématem na internetu rostou jako houby po dešti a nedalo mi nereagovat na množství polovičních informací, které zanechají čtenáře v rozvodněné naději a se srdcem naplněným...

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How Much of Freedom Is Truly “Enough”?

Wolfdogs in general love freedom. Only a few are constant attention seekers, the rest is more like cats in a canine world.
As much as it’s important to give them the freedom they need, there are “two types of freedom”; the one towards you and the one within their pack.

The one towards...

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When Nature of Freedom Meets Its Beauty

Why are we scared of having feelings?

When I decided to start an Inka Wolf project, I had mixed feelings. I felt like there was so much to share with beloved friends who were frequently visiting @travelwithmaya Instagram but at the same time I wanted to divide Travel with...

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