Instagram; A Modern Addiction – Are we users or are we being used?

Instagram is dividing its world into two major groups of people; those using Instagram and those being used, exploited by Instagram. The sadness of such division is underlined by the increasing lack of understanding between those two worlds. While the ones using Instagram enjoy their personal freedom, the ones being used by Instagram are experiencing worse and worse symptoms of frustration, hunt for numbers and personal discontent when ideal expectations aren’t met.


What’s the difference? Those using Instagram perceive Instagram as a tool. A fun and creative way to express their thoughts, experiences, images, or a business model/product they’re building and promoting.

They usually post either whenever they want, or they have it scheduled via apps like Later (for example), therefore their time spent on the actual Instagram app is minimal. They post with love and care. They have a piece of soul in every image they select, in every caption written, and in every comment they reply to their followers. And because such devotion is showcased in their posts, these people have a steadily increasing base of loving followers who engage frequently. There’s nothing more beautiful than connecting someone’s work with their actual face & personality.
Of course, the visuals matter but guess what, we’re oversaturated with soulless visuals. We’re tired of pretty images without any message. We want the soul. We want a piece of heart on the plate.

And those giving love and compassion unconditionally know this. It’s not a calculation from their side, it’s genuine. It’s lovable and it’s honest.

“Maya running through a wheat field” An image that went viral in October 2017 thanks to @artofvisuals sharing it & kicking off a “re-share avalanche” resulting into milions of people viewing it. It took, however, hours of literally crawling in the sharp wheat field leaving me bruised for weeks and aching from a back pain I could barely handle over following days.

Those being used by Instagram, unfortunately, got twisted up in a virtual world where people, thoughts, actions, and love turned simply into numbers. Numbers – those little singles popping up in a form of a like or a follow.
They experience deep sadness, massive frustration, and sometimes even light forms of aggression when algorithm changes and they don’t receive as high number of likes as they expected. Sounds crazy? For those people, it’s a daily bread.

But most importantly, over the time they conform other aspects of their lives to the need to show it online and gain a like/follow/comment recognition for anything they do… They don’t find fulfillment in being alone or without their phone to document their actions, and unfortunately, such addiction to a social media results in other psychological difficulties hard to deal with in a real life and in the future.


Instagram became a modern addiction. It’s a two-edged sword for those ignoring the app’s pure purpose.

Because in the end, it’s a virtual reality.
Because nothing in life should be done with exaggeration.
Because those using Instagram (while not being exploited by Instagram) understand what I’m trying to say.

Because this whole internet thing can disappear next morning. We may wake up and see that the virtual reality most of the people are building simply DOESN’T EXIST anymore.

We are creating a form of reality we want other people to see and those forgetting that is only a tool to deliver the message, help others and spread good vibrations, will experience an increased inner negativity.


The world will not end if a post doesn’t receive hundreds of likes.

But the question you should ask yourself is, once the whole world of social media is gone – is there something in your real world you created you’d be proud of leaving behind?


Each one of you behind that virtual @ is a beautiful, unique, rich human being. I cannot stress enough the importance of realizing that each one of us is worth gold. Maybe you’re struggling at the moment to realize it, maybe you’re in an unfortunate life situation right now, maybe you’re attacked from left and right with a perfect imagery complete strangers post.

The Universe created each one of us because we have a purpose on this planet. Whether it’s to conquer our fears and doubts by learning how to live the life to the fullest, or helping others less fortunate ones, or saving animals, or even making money to provide for the family. It’s important to realize that social media world is just a fun playground, not a definition of who we are.


There’s nothing more beautiful than being human. I myself get insecure. I cry over little things. And my life with my wolfdogs isn’t perfect.
It’s a hard work involving a lot of pain, work, and hell of a lot waking up at 4 am every day. Only one image out of hundreds is worth posting and only one image out of thousands is actually liked by a client.
Travels aren’t easy, too. I cannot control the weather, I myself carry over 15 kilograms on my back while hiking to distant locations while keeping an eye on two wolfdogs.. will they try to run off? Are there wild animals close by? Is a hunter going to shoot my dog because I have it off of a leash for 10 minutes?

I’m just trying to tell you – we are all awesome and we all have difficulties we’re fighting in life. Be kind to yourself.

Let’s put down our phones for a second here and there and create something we’ll be proud of. Let’s hug our loved ones.
Let’s be us for a second. It feels darn good, you know?

Sunrise in Sahara, Morocco. Freezing night, no makeup, no coffee, tired… Over 1300km in 4 days, thousands and thousands of images taken, vision of weeks of work ahead.




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