Mind Matters – Why Is It Essential To Watch Your Thoughts

When we invite someone for a dinner or a cup of coffee to our own place, we usually clean up. We take care of the dirty dishes, we wipe the floor, we try to “show off” to our guest by providing him/her a representative welcome we’ll be proud of. Sounds familiar? Well if it does, it’s because we care about our own self-representation. It’s natural.

If we care about the image so much, why do most of the people neglect their own mind?

Our mind is our house. That’s right. A house that has walls and windows and doors. A house that is full of light, has beautiful flowers, airy ambience and breathes freshness… We wish! In most cases, our mind represents an abandoned house with sealed windows and doors, with garbage laying around on the floor, stinking… You’d object by saying “Wait a minute, my mind doesn’t look like that!” …but have you checked what’s been in your mind recently? Which types of thoughts have been occupying your mind space?
Have you really been watching your thoughts making sure they don’t harm anyone? Ouch.

Guys, I’ve been there. I thought that my thoughts were crystal clear. I wasn’t twisting the truth. What I say, whether it was good or bad, I thought of it and concluded the outcome for myself. Nothing wrong with it, right? Wrong.

Unless your thoughts are filled with love and blessing, you should look into it. Whether it’s gossiping about the latest event or thinking about your ex in a not so positive manner, or secretly hating your boss… Let’s make one thing clear – it’s NOT hurting them, it’s hurting YOU.
Every negative thought you release (whether you expand on it on not) is a poison. A bag full of stinking garbage in your beautiful house. One bag of garbage doesn’t do much but eventually, the odour will poison everything around, allowing you to pile up more garbage on top of that because, guess what – you got used to it. You got used to the smell stinking across your living room and you don’t notice anything wrong.

Take care of your mind house. Nurture it. How? Every time a thought criticizing someone crosses your mind, stop it.
Don’t allow garbage to pile up in your home.
Know why? Because it lowers our vital energy, makes you less appealing, it drives people away… If you ever wondered “Why the heck is this happening to me?!” again,  let me remind you that you, only YOU, are in control of how you vibrate.
It applies to relationships, success, wealth, and overall harmony.

Be the Light. Be kind. Allow your soul to elevate above any trash and you’ll discover a new meaning of life.
A meaning that has no limits to the beauty itself. A meaning that allows you to blossom as a person to the heights you never dreamt of.

Trust me, it’s worth it.

We are preparing a beautiful online course for those who wish to break old habits and set up a new path of success and wealth.
More info coming soon..

Love you all,
– i.

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