Soulmates – Why Articles About Soulmates Awake Hope Filled with Frustration?

I’ve been thinking about writing this article for a long time. I needed to, however, react to incomplete information about soulmates being published in articles on the internet every day more and more often. Such articles have one thing in common; they leave their readers with hopes growing into the frustration. We all are very careful about the steps we take in life, therefore throwing in general statements such as “Everything will be alright!” is equivalent to being in the middle of Sahara and coming across a sign “Water is somewhere around here, search for it!” Wow, thanks. Will this information help me? Nope. However, a sign with “Walk 300 steps towards the south and then dig 1-meter deep hole, that’s where the water is. Good luck, traveller!” will definitely give me a perspective.

The main disillusion lies in writer’s misinterpretation of a “soulmate” and a “twin-flame”. In most cases, they describe a twin-flame while speaking of a soulmate.


The difference between a “soulmate” and a “twin-flame” 

Some of you may be hearing of twin-flame for the first time, it was, however, often described in the past (while rarely being called by its real name). Some of the most recognized authors, poets and philosophers described an ancient moment when one soul was split into two and since then we have the perfect match that completely fulfils us. A perfect match in a spiritual way. Many writers adopted this moment and incorporated it into their work while calling it a soulmate. Soulmate, nevertheless, means something else.
We can meet a twin-flame, it’s not an often occurrence and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a man (if we are a woman) or vice versa. It can be projected into a relationship between mother-son, father-daughter, mother-daughter, siblings, neighbours, business partners, a stranger on the bus, seller-client, and even a human-animal, whether it’s a dog, a cat, or a mouse. You name it.
When we meet our twin-flame, WE INSTANTLY KNOW.. We feel it with our whole heart, soul, with every molecule in our body. We may not be able to identify it as a twin-flame by its name but we are damn sure there is an unforgettable connection we’ve been missing our whole life.

A soulmate is another human being we get along with beyond words and on all levels in life. We wish to plan our whole life with them, friendship, anything that elevates our soul and allows us to grow.

A twin-flame is “assigned” to us, a soulmate is our choice. What do I mean by a choice? It means that we can meet our soulmate based on our own decision. It is not fate or “an accident” (accidents don’t exist), it is not “I’m waiting for him/her to finally show up”, it is not “my past relationship crashed like Titanic, when will my soulmate finally appear?”. It is a choice based on our own decision to work on our self-development and therefore open up a path for an individual of similar spiritual and emotional growth to approach us. By deciding to work on ourselves we intentionally open ourselves to the possibility of building a relationship with people of a similar thinking mode with whom we can grow.

There are no right or wrong paths, there are no right or wrong partner choices. We chose exactly what was essential for us in that particular period of life when we needed to learn a lesson of some kind. Most people may become insecure by just thinking about such perspective and they may start self-questioning themselves whether they really deserved those bad experiences. They may even get upset. It’s easy to look around for answers when all the right answers are deep inside our soul… And guess what, in today’s busy world more and more people are becoming detached from their soul when searching for answers.

We became our own strangers where intuition plays zero to none role. We don’t turn to ourselves when we are facing obstacles and difficulties in life. If we are, however, in a difficult life situation there is a good reason for it; the Universe is giving us a clear clue that something isn’t beneficial for our own happiness and growth and we should change it immediately. But what is that “something”?

I’ll go back to my essential question; Why Articles About Soulmates Awake a Hope Filled with Frustration?
Because such articles point out the issue, define that our soulmate exists (of course it does!) and offer signs on how to recognize him/her. But if you are repeatedly facing a question “When will I finally meet Mr. or Ms. right one?” then obviously these articles didn’t offer a solution how to get out of a vicious circle.

The main acknowledgement we need to grow into is that we are so beautiful and unique on our own that we don’t really NEED anyone.
You got tired of relationships where you were constantly pulling up your partner, arguing, investing time and energy into their growth while neglecting your own personal growth… Those types of relationships you experienced and you don’t want them anymore, otherwise, you wouldn’t make it past the first paragraph.

It is essential to focus on your own core and disengage from the key blockades stopping you from moving forward – the pattern of attracting the same type of partners you already have experience with.


How do I tune up to a wavelength of my soulmate? 

  1. If you are searching for one, stop right now.
    No, I’m not nuts but if you invest all your time and energy into hoping that one day you may find your soulmate, YOU WON’T MOVE FORWARD. Focus on yourself, focus on what you love the most, what gives you the feeling of self-satisfaction, pamper yourself. Try to re-connect with yourself again.
    Make yourself happy, slow down, give yourself a space to heal up all the wounds from past relationships so that you don’t enter a new one with a pile of trash.
  2. Clear up your mind.
    Our mind is our house. That's right. A house that has walls and windows and doors. A house that is full of light, has beautiful flowers, airy ambience and breathes freshness… We wish! In most cases, our mind represents an abandoned house with sealed windows and doors, with garbage laying around on the floor, stinking… You'd object by saying 'Wait a minute, my mind doesn't look like that!' …but have you checked what's been in your mind recently? Which types of thoughts have been occupying your mind space?
    Take care of your mind house. Nurture it. How? Every time a thought criticizing someone crosses your mind, stop it.
    Don't allow garbage to pile up in your home.
    Know why? Because it lowers our vital energy, makes you less appealing, it drives people away… If you ever wondered 'Why the heck is this happening to me?!' again,  let me remind you that you, only YOU, are in control of how you vibrate.
    It applies to relationships, success, wealth, and overall harmony.
    I wrote an article about the mind and why it matters, you can check it out here.
  3. Stop complaining.
    Yes, yes,… we all do it more or less. What most don’t realize is how it affects people around us and what image it creates. That image doesn’t lead to happiness.
    Try to stop complaining for a week. One full week. Drop all complaints.
    Not only will you get incredibly energized, you’ll also experience a twist in energy and things will move more smoothly towards your way.
    And if you still felt like complaining, after all, imagine what does it look like living with someone who complains and sees a problem in everything around. It’s natural to notice what we dislike. Instead of speaking of it, invest your energy in changing what makes you unhappy.
  4. Love the right way.
    Say what? Yep. Most relationships collapse because people love with certain conditions. Such relationships have no chance of survival in long-term. Unless we are capable of loving unconditionally, there is no way your soulmate will be able to stick around.. Brutal but true.
    What does it mean to love unconditionally? Well, I received a document from a dear friend of mine, an Energy Systems’ Grand Master Eva Melzerova. Instead of re-interpreting it here, I prefer giving you the possibility of reading it yourself. We think we know how to love… unless we compare three types of love and realize there’s much more to the plate.
    Feel free to download it, I’ll be happy if you find it enriching in any way.

We learn while we live. And one of the highest achievements is the realization that we are free spirits. By joining our forces with our soulmate we multiply everything billion times while our freedom stays intact.

~ i.

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